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The ISRP , psychomotor Training Institute ( psychomot ), present in Paris and Marseille, form for over 40 years , students in the profession of psychomotor ( psychomot ) .

The body language : gestures, facial expressions , attitudes , behaviors .

Harmonious and clear language when the mind , personality were able to develop normally find their equilibrium position.

Confusing language, deflected or blocked , when mind and personality suffer from various problems : inadequacy , discomfort, inhibitions …

Yes, better than words , the body can express a deep internal tension.

It is this language that the psychomotor ( psychomot ) seeks release during rehabilitation sessions psychomotor therapy that uses all the techniques of expression, body language, music therapy mime workshops graphomotricity and drawing , relaxation …

Psychomotor ( psychomot ) is then the mediator who helps the other to find the keys to his body, which are those of the development of his personality and his balance.

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Training providing access to students in regional individual aid : grants and regional education allowance, regional social funds.